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Angry Garden

Angry Garden , a garden that feel , react and sleep as like as human!


Angry garden is a garden that owns a human behaviour, that can protect itself from injury and interact with sound and physical reactions with humans. Angry garden have a feelings and characteristics like (pain, begging and compromising, giving an order, fighting, thanking and when things calm sleeping with snoring).


Our idea was to create a garden that can have a human behaviour and responding for the actions immediately. The garden will tell its feeling using sound likewise natural language. Through process the feeling of the garden increase and leads it to protect itself from harm. The garden protect itself by spiting water into the person who is attacking him.

We try to implement our vision into practice through different methods and functionalities. We used sound system by building an android application that works with touch screen. And we used Arduino servo motor for spiting water. We integrate the android application and Arduino servo motor through Analog In Out Serial controller that can sense the colour changes.


The result was satisfying, and the garden can protect itself from harm. Talk and take actions for implied reactions. Giving “Thank you” word for good peoples and “real fights with water” for bad peoples.



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