Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Augsburg Gestaltung

In seiner Funktionalität auf die Lehre in gestalterischen Studiengängen zugeschnitten... Schnittstelle für die moderne Lehre

Incom ist die Kommunikations-Plattform der Hochschule Augsburg Gestaltung mehr erfahren


nur für Incom-Mitglieder

A small Premiere.

The Fachschaft Gestaltung is offering its first workshop.

Over the years, the faculty has accumulated a lot of unused materials. Now, the time has come to use them to create new, interesting things. Whether you turn them into a collage, installation, cardboard figures, or something entirely different, there are no bounds to your creativity, as long as the final result is in any way, shape or form useful to you. 

But who are we, actually?

We are Chris (IA5), Maxi (IA7), Fynn (KD5), and Melina (KD9), four students part of the Fachschaft Gestaltung that will guide and support you with our respective expertises in tinkering, sewing, crafting, and designing.

What's the plan?

On the first day, we will briefly introduce the possibilitites of upcycling to you in the format of a presentation. We will explore them further working together on small exercises.

The second day, we will take on some serious (😉) planning. Now, we will be dedicated solely to the materials to be repurposed, we will design, form groups if needed and take care of acquiring any necessary additional materials. At last, it is time to start crafting and working.

On the last day, the projects will be realised. We will conclude with a presentation of your work where you can showcase your ideas, the process and the final result.

We would be delighted to meet you in the Habitat and to breathe new life into the old stuff of our alumni and professors. 😊




Wintersemester 2023 / 2024


X.Raum Habitat